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The Fulham Shore PLC

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The Fulham Shore (FUL.L) has a market cap of $80.7 million. Our data points out that FUL.L is ranked 9278 in the world. A companys market capitalization is the present value of all of its outstanding shares, and it is commonly used to give a sense of how much the stock of a company would be worth at todays exchange rates. FUL.Ls

The market cap (market capitalization) refers to the total outstanding shares of a company and is done by multiplying the price of the stock by its total outstanding shares.

TTM (Trailing 12 months) Revenue is the term used to characterize a companys revenue over the previous 12 months of operations. This information is critical in establishing whether a company has seen significant top-line growth and can identify the exact source of that growth.

This number represents the percentage of revenue that remains after all direct manufacturing costs have been covered. It is computed by dividing the trailing 12 months total revenue by the previous 12 months cost of goods sold and multiplying the result by 100.

This value measures the percentage of revenues remaining after the company paid all the operating expenses. It is calculated as the trailing 12 months Operating Income divided by the trailing 12 months Total Revenue, multiplied by 100.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization are abbreviated as EBITDA. It is one of the most popular indicators of a companys financial stability and capacity for cash flow.

Shares outstanding are all shares of a corporation that have been authorized, issued, and purchased by investors and are owned by them. They are distinguished from treasury shares, which are shares held by the corporation itself, thus not representing any exercised rights.

A companys float refers to the number of shares regularly issued to the public. These shares can be bought and sold by investors. Any restricted stock is subtracted from this number to get the actual number of publicly available shares.

The total number of shares of a security traded during a specific period is known as the trading volume. Investors frequently analyze trade volume to determine whether a trend is present, continuing, or reversing.

The price/earnings ratio also referred to as the P/E ratio, tells investors how much a corporation is worth. The P/E ratio is the stock price divided by the corporations earnings per share for a chosen period, like the past 12 months. The price/earnings ratio conveys how much investors will pay per share.

The PEG ratio is a corporations price/earnings ratio divided by its earnings growth rate over a time frame (commonly the next 1-3 years). The PEG ratio adjusts the traditional P/E ratio through considering the growth rate in earnings per share that are anticipated in the future.

Revenue per Share (known also as Sales per share ) is a ratio that computes the entire revenue earned per share over a chosen period, whether quarterly, semi-yearly, yearly, or trailing 12 months (TTM).

Dividend per share (DPS) is the sum of declared dividends issued by a corporation for every regular share outstanding.

The financial term dividend yield measures the percentage of a companys shares that is paid out in dividends each year.

A stock exchange is where specific financial instruments are traded, which include equities, commodities, and bonds. Exchanges bring businesses and governments, together with traders/investors.

The Fulham Shore (FUL.L) Shares Stats

The Fulham Shore PLCowns, operates, and manages restaurants in the United Kingdom. On September 1, 2021, they had 20 restaurants under the ‘The Real Greek name in London and Southern England. They also operated 55 restaurants under the Franco Manca pizza brand, primarily in London with restaurants in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Cambridge, Bath and Oxford. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in London.

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