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Spanish La Liga - History of the tournament

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Number of teams participating in the Spanish League: 20.

Most La Liga title wins: Real Madrid (33 times).

Most participated in the Spanish League: Real Madrid - Barcelona - Athletic Bilbao (90 seasons until the end of the 2020-2021 season).

Information and history of the tournament Spanish League

Until the end of the 2014-2015 season, 60 teams participated in the Spanish League throughout history, 9 of whom succeeded in holding the title.

The Spanish League is currently ranked according to the European Football Association as the strongest league in Europe, based on the results of its teams in the European League and the European Champions League.

La Liga clubs dominate the Champions League, as Real Madrid and Barcelona have won the title 14 times combined, a number they outperform everyone else.

The Spanish Leagueis the only one in history that succeeded in holding two Champions League finals from the same country, in 2000 between Real Madrid and Valencia, and in 2014 between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, the rest of the countries succeeded in holding one final.

The only team that won the Spanish League title without occupying the second place in its history, is Real Bets, who won the title in the 1934-1935 season, but never finished runners-up.

Barcelona is the most runner-up team in the history of the Spanish League, 24 times.

Spanish La Liga rules and regulations

The Spanish League Championship system is a traditional league system, which takes place in two stages; Back and forth, so that each team plays with the other in the court of both parties.

Since the number of teams participating in the Spanish League is 20, the league consists of 38 rounds.

The points system in the Spanish League is traditional, the winner gets 3 points, a tie gives one point, and the loser gets nothing.

Ranking in the Spanish League is based first on the basis of points, then on the basis of direct matches between the tied teams, regardless of their number.

In the event of a tie between two teams on points, the arrangement will be first on direct confrontations (with the adoption of the rule of goals outside the field), then in the event of a tie continuing, the rules of fair play are resorted to

yellow card - 1 point - and red - 2 points - direct expulsion 3 points and suspension of the coach 5 points - and mass behavior is between 5-7 points

If the tie is between more than two teams, The League is considered between them only, and the number of points that each of them scored against the other in the Spanish League, back and forth.

Qualification and relegation in the Spanish League

Relegated from the Spanish League, the last three places.

The winners of the first and second places in the second division are promoted to the Spanish League, in addition to the winner of a qualifying supplement to be held between the 3-6 placeholders in the second division.

Rules and system for qualifying for Europe in the Spanish League

The top three places in La Liga qualify directly for the group stage of the Champions League.

The fourth-placed player in the Spanish League will play in the qualifying rounds for the group stage.

The fifth and sixth place in the Spanish League qualify for the European League.

The King of Spain Cup holders qualify for the European League.

is among the top six teams in the Spanish League, the runner-up will be given the seventh seat in the European League, and if he is also among the top six, the seventh place in the league will be given the qualifying seat for the European League.

Financial prizes for the Spanish League:

The following are the financial prizes according to the position occupied by the team in the Spanish League, and there is a problem that we faced in the research in terms of not mentioning the official information in the Spanish Federation, and this information is estimated from the researchers research:

: 34 times (runner-up 23 times): 193132, 193233, 195354, 195455, 195657, 195758, 196061, 196162, 196263, 1963 64, 196465, 196667, 196768, 196869, 197172, 197475, 197576, 197778, 197879, 197980, 198586, 198687 , 198788, 198889, 198990, 199495, 199697, 200001, 200203, 200607, 200708, 201112, 201617, 201920.

: 26 times (runner-up: 25): 192829, 194445, 194748, 194849, 195152, 195253, 195859, 195960, 197374, 1984 85, 199091, 199192, 199293, 199394, 199798, 199899, 200405, 200506, 200809, 200910, 201011, 201213 , 201415, 201516, 201718, 201819.

: 11 times (runner-up 8 times): 1939-40, 1940-41, 1949-50, 1950-51, 1965-66, 1969-70, 1972-73, 1976-77, 1995-96, 2013 -14, 202021.

Athletic Bilbao: 8 times (runner-up 7 times): 192930, 193031, 193334, 193536, 194243, 195556, 198283, 198384.

: 6 times (runner-up 6 times): 194142, 194344, 194647, 197071, 200102, 200304.

: 2 times (runner-up 3 times): 198081, 198182.

: 1 time (runner-up 5 times): 1999-2000.

: 1 time (runner-up 4 times): 1945-46.

: 1 time (did not finish runner-up): 193435.

The date of the number of clubs participating in the Spanish League:

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